Common PDR Myths, Misconceptions, and Misunderstandings

Fort Worth Dent Repair Close Up

Dents will come back after PDR
No. Metal has a memory. The fibers are like tiny little puzzle pieces. When a dent occurs, they get stretched out and  in our repair process we just assist them in going back to their original position. Once we are finished with a dent, it’s just like it never happened.

The Texas heat will pop dents out on their own
That is not true. The hot or cold does not have any impact on the shape of metal structures. It was force that moved the dent into position, so it has to be force from the opposite side of the dent pushing to restore it. When a vehicle is parked in the sunlight, it is very difficult to see anything, and therefore people assume the dents are gone. In actuality, the light from the sun is blinding them from the dents. If they were to park back in a shaded area, they would see clearly that the dents are still there. The angle that they are looking at the vehicle can also disguise dents so that they cannot be seen. Regardless, the heat will not restore the car to its original form.

I can use dry ice to fix my dents
This is a false misconception. People often hear from friends or buddies that dry ice can remove dents with its extreme cold. In truth, the extreme temperature can actually cause damage to the factory paint and leave a dent worse than it started. If dry ice could restore dents, PDR technicians everywhere would be carrying around coolers with refrigeration units on their trucks….not a set of tools.

All PDR companies the same
They are not. The PDR business is completely different from the paint & body industry. PDR specialists take metal tools, get under the surface of your panel, and will literally, with a metal stick, mold that dent out to where it is 100% gone. From every angle it will look brand new like it never happened. It’s never coming back again. So, the level of skill is going to depend greatly on how much experience your technician has. How long has he been doing it? What type of damage and what size of damage is he used to repairing? It is more of an art than anything, and you’re going to have good artists and bad artists. You are going to have those that cut corners in many areas. For example, poorer quality PDR repairs can often be revealed in the lighting that is not favorable to the cut-rate PDR folks. Instead of a smooth finish you’ll notice that the location of the dent will look more like a cornflake. Additionally, these PDR guys will drill a large number of holes in your vehicle instead of using less intrusive techniques to access the dent.

There are legit dent guys – and then there are the others. So you have to be real careful and check references. Hail chasers are usually the ones you want to avoid.

Unfortunately some dents inaccessible for PDR technicians
Nope. DFW Dent Specialists can get to anything. Even on spots that cannot be accessed with a tool, we can use a glue pulling method where a specially formulated PDR glue will bond to the metal and paint and actually pull the dent out without having to go underneath. So, in the case that access is restricted, such as with a brace, we can always pull from the outside.

PDR is not the same quality as a replace/repaint repair at a body shop
No. PDR is the number one recommended method of repair by insurance companies. When you repaint a vehicle and remove some of the factory paint, you can depreciate the value of the vehicle by several thousand dollars. The reason is because the factory paint job cannot be recreated. When the factory paint job is originally applied, they bake it in at a temperature so high that it would melt the plastics and rubbers. The heat is what causes the paint to bond to the metals. At a body shop, they can only use heat lamps and a heating booth. Since the rubbers and plastics are still attached in some places, they cannot heat the paint to the same levels as the factory. Once you remove some of that factory paint, you lose money in your investment. With Paintless Dent Repair, your factory paint remains intact, as does your vehicles value.